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Safe Buying Tips

Important - Please Read Carefully

Buying online can be a safe and a enjoyable experience but it is important to take note of the points below, when buying electronic goods such as rugged phones.

1. Always purchase from a GST registered New Zealand company or business that is actually based in New Zealand not in some overseas country. Remember its not hard to register a New Zealand "" domain name and give the impression you are a New Zealand business when in fact the business is located in another country, thousands of km's away.

2. Buying from a New Zealand company that offers proper local customer support is worth its weight in gold if you have an issue with the item or product you purchased. Check for genuine customer testimonials but take any social media feedback (such as that seen on Facebook pages) with a grain of salt as positive feedback and posts can be anonymous and not able to be verified and bad feedback can be hidden. Don't risk it, buy from a trusted GST registered New Zealand company like ours, that is happy and proud to display genuine "Customer Testimonials".

3. Be extremely careful of drop shippers on various auction sites and marketplaces selling cheap phones. No drop shipper making a $50.00 profit on a rugged phone is going to be able to refund you $600.00 if your phone is faulty or needs to be replaced. Most of those drop shippers will not have access to spare parts for the phones they sell either. Think about that for a minute and then choose carefully. Click here to see issues faced by Trademe buyers.

4. Watch out for sites that try and sell you worthless extras like extended warranties or accidental damage cover. Most of the time your household insurance will cover this and even some credit cards provide cover if you used it to make your purchase.

5. Steer well clear of sites and  businesses that have a lot of negative comments posted about them. Remember where this is smoke, there is fire.

6. Be alert if a site offers phones at prices way below what other sites are selling them at . This is a huge warning sign of a possible scam or a "dump and run" scheme. Unless the site is a wholesale or B2B trade only site, don't risk your hard earned money. 

7. Websites offering "0800" or "0508" numbers may look like they are in New Zealand but they could very well have a redirection on these numbers that get answered in another country.

8. Buying from a New Zealand company or business gives you a lot of protection in relation to your purchase.  If you purchase from an overseas company or business and something goes wrong, their promises about service and product warranties are not binding in New Zealand and are worthless. This could end up costing you a lot of money. It's just not worth the risk!

9. Only a New Zealand GST registered company, business or sole trader can provide you with a tax invoice. Without a tax invoice you cannot claim a GST input credit.

Rugged Phones NZ Ltd the owner of this website, is a GST registered New Zealand company based in Christchurch.