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Rugged Phones - Rugged Tablets - Rugged Laptops - Best Everyday Prices - Excellent Warranty - Fast Delivery - NZ Owned

Rugged phones, tablets and laptops are great for anyone living or working in the outdoors, as well as being a very cost effective option for any business. Due to their construction and protection features, our rugged devices won't get damaged as easily as a regular smartphone, tablet or laptop, saving you a lot of money on replacement costs.

We are factory authorised distributors of genuine rugged phones, tablets and laptops from brands including Blackview, Doogee, Oukitel and Ulefone. All rugged phones and tablets for sale on this site are 4G extended compatible and unlocked to work on all New Zealand networks. You can check out the benefits of our exclusive 2 year "Premium Plus" warranty here and view information about VoLTE and VoWiFi here.

Everyday low prices, excellent customer support, parts backup and specialist tech knowledge, are some of the reasons why we are the most trusted name for rugged devices in New Zealand. Take the time to read our "safe buying tips" and enjoy total peace of mind, knowing that when you place your order, you are dealing with a reputable, reliable and trusted GST registered New Zealand company. Prices are GST inclusive and tax invoices are issued for all completed orders.

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