July 2023

Hi Peter, I received the phone here, in Ruakaka, Northland, 18 hrs after ordering from you. Now up and running and very pleased. Thanks heaps. 



March 2023

Thank you so much Peter for the call and for arranging the replacement, I see it's already made it up the North Is to East Tamaki, may even arrive today!!!!

Appreciate the support.


Thor B.

January 2023

Hi Jack,

Thanks again to you and the team.  I appreciate your efforts, communication and excellent service.  I have promoted you guys to anyone interested in your services.  Good on ya!  I'll keep Peter's card handy and will be ordering products from you as soon as I'm in need.

Cheers Thor

Dave G..

October 2022

Thanks Peter,

Received my phone today, cheers for the great service.

Kind Regards


Graham M.

August 2022

Thanks Peter,

Yet again, great service mate!


Pete T.

May 2022

Hi Peter,

The phone arrived today, fantastic service from NZ Post these days.  

So whilst it's fantastic service from NZ Post on delivery,  it's really the fantastic service and support from you that really matters.  It was excellent and very much appreciated.  Thank you!  

Imogen B.

February 2022

Thanks Peter.

I appreciate the great customer service and the help. I am off to the UK and Europe next month on to travel round on a postie bike which is why I purchased a Doogee,  your company was highly recommended by other motorcyclist and now see why.


Nikki - Geeves Scaffolding

December 2021

As a company in the commercial industry, a tough and easy to use phone is essential however finding that without the big price tag was impossible, until I found Rugged Phones NZ!

Amazing product with follow on support second to none. Really appreciate the fast, friendly and supportive service we receive with every order. We have purchased a fair number of phones now, and not had an issue or breakage with a single one.

Cannot recommend highly enough Peter and his team.

Thanks again

Morgan Brougham

May 2021

Hello, I bought a phone for my partner that he’s been dying to have for the last few months. I ordered it yesterday and it arrived at 8.30 this morning and I just want to show my appreciation a bit by saying a big thankyou!!

Super fantastic customer service also. I have spread the word about this awesome company to a few of his tradie mates. So Thankyou for being so reliable and quick with this service. It really made my day and definitely my partners!


October 2020

Feed back on 5 phones purchased...

Amazing service prompt & professional. We have since purchased extra cords & we had a wee accident with one phone & returned it for repairs as we caused the damage & to be honest service was 150% more than expected .. also prompt & professional and the price was so sharp that I think I cut my finger lol.

If you want a great phone at a good price with super great after sales service, look no further.


July 2020

Hi Peter

My husband's rugged phone arrived this morning...  and I only ordered it yesterday!  Thank you for such great service!  I ordered the one with the Thermal Image Sensor because my husband will find it useful when diagnosing hot-spots on engines etc.

Thanks again



July 2020

Hey guys,

I just wanted to send a quick message to say how absolutely in LOVE with my phone I am!

I've had a number of phones over the years and this is by far and away the best, most intuitive and user friendly phone I've ever used.

It doesn't get hot, even after hours of use.. it is happy with every app. The screen is fantastic and I'm just stoked I chose this one above other names.

Thank you!



May 2020

Thanks very much for such great service.  We received the phone only 24 hours after ordering - pretty amazing during these difficult times.




May 2020

Dear Peter,

I could not find a place on your website to give feedback and I really wanted to share my thoughts on your awesome customer service.

When I originally purchased the phone online (on a Sunday), I received a phone call from you within an hour of placing the order to tell me that the colour I had ordered was not in stock. You explained that he could send either of the alternative colour options immediately or I could wait until the next shipment arrived (although Covid Delays were starting to kick in out of China).

The phone (Armor X5) has been brilliant and worked flawlessly for the first few months. The camera quality is excellent and I have used it on several kayaking trips with no concerns about its waterproof integrity. About 4 weeks into lockdown, after a lot of time spent at home doing nothing adventurous, the main camera inexplicably stopped working. When I emailed customer support I quickly got a response suggesting a few things to try and was told if it still didn't work to send it back for inspection and warranty claim.

The warranty claim process was very easy and the steps clearly laid out in the correspondence from your team. It explained what needed to be sent, how it should be packaged and that if it was not accepted as a warranty claim (due to misuse or physical damage) then I would be charged an inspection/repair fee. I put the phone on the courier on the first day of Level 3 and in just over a week I had a brand new phone. Pretty impressive given that I live in Northland, about as far from Christchurch as you can in NZ, and the couriers are still on a bit of a go slow. Just as when I originally ordered, I received emails keeping me informed of the process the whole way through so never had to wonder what was going on.

It is easy for a business, especially an internet business to be great at selling things but the real measure of a good business is how they deal with problems and especially warranty claims. I considered buying this phone from an overseas supplier but am now very pleased that I found Rugged Phones NZ. Top class products, top class service - a pleasure to deal with.

Many thanks to all the team,

Stay safe



October 2019

Good morning,

Just want to pass on my thanks. My yellow BV9500 plus arrived with no problems.

So glad that I brought this phone, it's perfect for my needs and works really well.


Jason Purnell


October 2019


I just wanted to let you know that I am incredibly impressed with the speed that the phone got to me. Paid for and delivered in under 24 hrs! Fantastic service!!


Rhys Wilson


November 2019

Hey guys,

Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your phone!!

While on a long weekend away I bumped my phone into a spa and didn't realise and it stayed at the bottom for around 15mins before realizing after I had got out of the spa at 39 degrees and bubbling. This is the phone I'm emailing you on from 3 weeks ago!!! It was still working effectively, all I had to do was 'rice' dry the speakers.

Cheers Carl


August 2019

Hi Rugged Phones NZ,

Just a brief note to firstly let you know that I received my new AGM A9 4G Rugged phone, the day after I ordered it, awesome service and I also really appreciated the time spent to ensure that I had the phone that would work best for me, my business and rural location. Secondly, I couldn't wait to set it up, which was relatively straight forward and exceeded expectations. Thanks also for the extra bits which are great and much appreciated.

Kind regards


August 2019

Just wanted to say my new phone arrived and I'm stoked with it. I purchased from Rugged Phones because you guys took Farmlands card. This gave me the confidence that you must be OK. Phone is perfect for what I need for working outdoors . You guys were awesome at keeping me updated where my purchase was at.. Great Service. Great Product.


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