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Trademe Seller Warning

Although many sales on Trademe go off without a hitch, it is important to remember that some products such as rugged phones require specialist knowledge, specialist parts and access to the manufacturer or their direct agent to obtain parts (and no we are not talking about wholesalers based in China).

The feedback (scroll down and see below), left for Trademe sellers is a common issue buyers face on Trademe where you have sellers (who pretend not to be drop shippers by saying please allow 4-7 days for delivery) trying to sell cheap rugged phones to Trademe members.

As one of the disappointed buyers below states, you are better off buying from an online store like Rugged Phones NZ. We specialise in Rugged Phones, we can source phones when others can't, we are a priority customer of all the main manufacturers and or their agents and most importantly we carry or can obtain parts for nearly all rugged phones on the market which none of these Trademe sellers can or do.

Before you think about buying a rugged phone on Trademe, ask the seller what parts they are holding in stock for the phone you wish to purchase, what experience they have in fixing the phones and do they guarantee delivery!

Please note, we have a strict policy of only supplying parts and or specialist expertise regarding rugged phones to our customers who purchase their rugged phone from us. Think about that before you buy from a Trademe seller while trying to save yourself $50.00 !! It's just not worth it. Seriously, we have an inbox folder full of "hard luck" stories from people who have purchased rugged phones on Trademe and other marketplaces overseas and when things turn sour, the seller is nowhere to be found!