Rugged Phones NZ

Largest range of rugged phones for sale in New Zealand


Before we started selling online, we were already selling Rugged Phones to large and small businesses and Government departments in New Zealand. We have direct business relationships with many New Zealand businesses and stand behind every phone we sell. 

Being successful and a market leader is not about luck, its about supplying great products at great prices backed up by great customer support. Our warranties on all the phones that we import and sell are second to none and we are well known for going above and beyond for our customers when they have had an issue. 

No other New Zealand site can match our huge range of Rugged Phones, low prices, great customer support and fast shipping on all orders and that's why we are No.1 for Rugged Phones in New Zealand. 

Contrary to what one of our competitors claims, the chart below* clearly shows that this site "Rugged Phones NZ" and our sister site in Australia "Rugged Phone Store" are number one and number two globally for rugged phones and both are number one for rugged phones in their respective countries. The lower the number, the higher the rank. 

*source - Alexa rank checker 14-03-2020